Gas Detectors

Détecteur Honeywell

Détecteur Honeywell

Hazardous Gas Détection Systems. CO, NOx, O2, CH3 etc
Application for indoor and outdoor for classified location or confined area.

Honeywell Monitoring's highly configurable gas detection product line provides options for almost any given application, ranging from standalone systems, to full-featured systems including remote gas sensing, alarms and display.

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DOD Technology Products

DOD Technology Products

Innovative Life Safety Systems for all trace gas concentration.

Using colorimetic reactive tape, a wide range of specific toxic molecules can be monitor on line in ambiant air. Concentration ranges varie from ppm to down to ppb.
With the helps multiplex pumps systemmany zones can be monitore with one instrument.

The quality of construction and its parts allows DOD to be the first choice in industry.

The reactive tape evidence showing presence of specific molecule offer high confidence of detection.

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